[NONYAROGA!] A table for one at a cafe with delicious Naporitan spaghetti



NONYAROGA! Channel has released its 23rd video for the Ekkyo Hoso (Broadcasting Across Borders) TV project!
This time, the theme is "a table for one at a cafe."

In this video, NON enjoys delicious Naporitan spaghetti at a wonderful cafe that she discovered while walking around on a business trip.
Almost all of the film crew ordered the same delicious dish as NON!
Please check it out.

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■ About Ekkyo Hoso Bari (Broadcasting Across Borders: Rough Edges)
のんのYouTubeがテレビ番組に! 新ドキュメントバラエティ番組「越境放送バリ」が読売テレビにて10月1日深夜放送開始!