Tickets for NON's first and last solo concert at Zepp Tokyo are now on sale!




Tickets for "Nonsaurus in Zepp Tokyo 1st Last LIVE," NON's first solo concert at Zepp Tokyo in her career that will be held on Christmas Day (December 25th) shortly before the closure of Zepp Tokyo, are now on sale!


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~NON's journey to Zepp Tokyo~
It has always been one of NON's goals to perform at Zepp Tokyo. Unfortunately, it seemed like her dream will be thwarted when the closure of Zepp Tokyo was announced.
However, a vacant slot suddenly became available in the booking schedule of Zepp Tokyo, whose remaining days before its closure had been fully booked previously. NON finally got her chance to perform there at the very last minute!

You can watch some of this dramatic turn of events unfold on NON's YouTube channel "NON Yaroga! Channel." Please refer to the following for more information on NON's first and last solo concert at Zepp Tokyo.

Click here for the video on "NON Yaroga! Channel."

<Concert Details>
●Concert details
Concert title: Nonsaurus in Zepp Tokyo 1st Last LIVE
Date: December 25th (Saturday), 2021. OPEN: 5:00 PM / START: 6:00 PM.
Venue: Zepp Tokyo
Ticket type: All seats reserved: 7,500 yen (tax included). *A drink fee will be charged separately during admission.
*Maximum number of tickets: 4 tickets
*Preschool children will not be allowed entry into the venue.
Planning and production:KAIWA(RE)CORD
Producer:Team Non

●Main visuals
Designer: Yui Nagase (Lemonlife)
Photographer:Kentaro Minami (Focus Studio)
Hair and makeup: Shie Kanno(KuraraSystem)
Stylist:Erisa Yamaguchi

Vo./Gt. NON
Gt./Cho. Kei Higuchi
Ba. Shoko Nakamura
Dr. Takato Nagashima

<Comment from NON>
I was so disappointed to hear that Zepp Tokyo will be closing soon even before I could get a chance to perform there, so I decided to hold this concert at really short notice.
Also, when I was looking for a concert hall for the live stream of our online concert "NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE" that takes place around once a month, a staff member told me that there was a vacant slot at Zepp. When I heard that, I immediately said, "Really? Let's do it!" Even though there isn't a lot of time left, I made this decision without really considering the potential difficulties.
Although I'm glad that I made such a quick decision, my heart starts beating really fast with anxiety sometimes as I wonder if everything will be okay with only a month to go until the concert. However, there was no other choice for me but to do it if I was going to have my first and last concert at Zepp Tokyo.
I will do it!
I want to make this concert a huge success, so please come and watch the concert! We'll make this the best Christmas ever.
Please join me at Zepp Tokyo!

・For general enquiries: CREATIVEMAN PRODUCTIONS (03-3499-6669)