NON changes Star Cat's image with "Boo!" New TV commercial premieres on Friday, November 26th!


A new TV commercial for Star Cat starring NON will start airing on Friday, November 26th.


he new Star Cat Fiber commercial, titled "Boo," features the adorable NON dressed as a cat and a cheetah. In response to a man (the viewer) who has a misunderstanding about signing an internet contract with Star Cat, NON gives a disapproving "boo." The highlight of the commercial is the vivacious look on NON's face as she says "boo" to show the man his misunderstanding. When he chooses the correct internet connection with Star Cat Fiber 10G's speedy service, NON expresses her approval with a "meow."

Please pay attention to NON's shifting expressions and lively movements.




[Outline of the commercial]

■ Title: "Boo" (Star Cat TV commercial)

■ Length: 15 seconds

■ Start of broadcast: Friday, November 26th, 2021

■ Terrestrial broadcast areas: Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures

■ Web/advertising development: Plans for development on Yahoo! Brand Panel, Instagram, YouTube, etc.


■ Special website (to be launched on November 26th)