[heyhey ✕ Ekkyo Hoso ✕ NON Yaroga! Channel] A project in support of NON's Zepp Concert has been launched!



The 24th episode on "NON Yaroga! Channel," a project of the TV program "Ekkyo Hoso," features the launch of a project in support of NON's Zepp Concert!
Ekkyo Hoso is collaborating with "heyhey," a service that delivers video messages from celebrities, athletes, and other stars to their fans, to launch a project in support of "Nonsaurus in Zepp Tokyo 1st Last LIVE," NON's concert that will be held on Christmas Day!

In this episode of "NON Yaroga!", NON will be sending messages of support to her band members at the request of Ekkyo Hoso. Watch it to find out the reactions of the band members when they receive her messages!

Also, a project where fans can receive a video message from NON will be launched on heyhey's special supporters' website.
You can post your comments to this special website, and in return, you will receive a video message from NON at a later date.

We look forward to your messages of support wishing NON success for her concert!

■URL of the special websitehttps://heyhey.jp/talent-profile/ekkyoubari



■Comment from NON
I want to make sure my Zepp Tokyo concert "Nonsaurus in Zepp Tokyo 1st Last LIVE" will be a huge success, so please send me your messages of support!
heyhey is also doing their best to make this concert a success, and both Ekkyo Hoso Bari and NON Yaroga! Channel will play their part as well.
I hope to make this an unforgettable concert together with all of you who support me!
Please give me your energy so that I can make this concert a success!
I'll be waiting for you! I'll do my very best!!

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■What is heyhey?
heyhey is a service that allows your favorite stars to send you a surprise video message in response to your thoughts. This service was inspired by the many years of experience in talent management of the company's global CEO, who is a member of CAA (one of the top four talent agencies in the US) and has a powerful influence on the entertainment industry in both India and the US as the Managing Director of India Operations. heyhey has been released in two countries, India and Japan.

Official websitehttps://heyhey.jp


■NON's YouTube channel, "NON Yaroga! Channel"


■About Ekkyo Hoso Bari
のんのYouTubeがテレビ番組に! 新ドキュメントバラエティ番組「越境放送バリ」が読売テレビにて10月1日深夜放送開始!