[NONYAROGA!] You've seen it, but do you know the name? This drawing face-off puts NON and her best friend and guitarist Kei Higuchi to the test!



NONYAROGA! Channel has released its 18th video for the Ekkyo Hoso (Broadcasting Across Borders) TV project!
This time, the theme is "trying to draw things that you must know."

Kei Higuchi, a guitarist who often performs at NON's concerts, joins NON for a game where they try to draw things after being told only the name.
Will NON and her best friend Kei be able to work out what the name refers to?
Please check it out!

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■ About Ekkyo Hoso Bari (Broadcasting Across Borders: Rough Edges)
のんのYouTubeがテレビ番組に! 新ドキュメントバラエティ番組「越境放送バリ」が読売テレビにて10月1日深夜放送開始!