Talking About the NON Yaroga! Channel Logo. Asking to Hear Your Opinions!



Episode #19 on the "NON Yaroga! Channel" has been released as part of the Ekkyo Broadcast Project!
This episode's theme is "talking about the channel logo."

It is time to choose a logo for the "NON Yaroga! Channel" from among the many designs the desingers have made for us.
Will we be able to pick one in the end...?
Please give it a watch.

■ NON's Youtube channel: "NON Yaroga! Channel"


■ About "Ekkyo Broadcast Bari"
のんのYouTubeがテレビ番組に! 新ドキュメントバラエティ番組「越境放送バリ」が読売テレビにて10月1日深夜放送開始!