[Notice 3/4 - ]The exhibition will be held at Shibuya PARCO. at Shibuya PARCO!



It has been announced that a solo exhibition by the actress and creative artist "NON", "NONRibbon", will be held at Shibuya PARCO from March 4th. will be held at Shibuya PARCO from March 4.

NON's first solo exhibition, "'NON' Hitori Exhibition - Girls bare their fangs -" was held at GALLERY X BY PARCO. The exhibition toured Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Sendai and other regions.
A book with the same title as the exhibition was released at the same time and received a great response.
Four years have passed since then, and Non has been working as an actor, a model, a musician, and a film director, seamlessly and borderlessly realizing her various ideas without being bound by any method or role of expression.

Then, in 2022.
To celebrate the release of the movie "Ribbon" (February 25), which she wrote, directed and starred in, GALLERY X will hold her second solo exhibition, "NONRibbon: Eerie and Cute Things. will be held at GALLERY X. In addition to sculptures and drawings using "ribbons", which have been a motif in her works for a long time, she will also exhibit costumes, props, and artworks that have an impressive role in the movie "Ribbon". In addition, there will be the debut of new photographs taken for this exhibition under the theme of "expanding creativity.
(Model: Non, Photography: Shimamura Kissho Maru)

A lot of "creepy and cute things" packed into a small space.
We hope that you will experience the unstoppable creative spirit and sparkle of NON.


【Outline of the exhibition】
● Title: NONRibbon Exhibition -Eerie and cute things.
●Exhibition period: March 4 (Fri.) - 14 (Mon.), 2022
●Venue: GALLERY X (Shibuya PARCO B1F)
●Opening hours: 11:00 - 20:00
●Admission fee: 500 yen (tax included)
●Exhibition official website URL: https://art.parco.jp
●Organizer: PARCO
●Planning and production: PARCO, Team NON
●Special Cooperation: "Ribbon" Film Partners, Tokyo Ribbon, speedy