[Non × Rio Yamashita Special Dialogue Part 2] Commemorative project for the release of the movie "Ribbon"! [NONYAROGA!]


The "Transborder Broadcasting" television project, "NONYAROGA!Channel" #46 will be the second part of a special interview with Rio Yamashita, who played the role of Hirai in the movie "Ribbon. Rio Yamashita, who has been a close friend of mine since the morning drama, and I talk about our memories of that time and discuss the secret story behind the filming of the movie "Ribbon".
The unexpected question from a fan led to an unexpected turn of events....

Please come and watch.

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Also, a trilogy discussion (Part 2) with Rio Yamashita and Maya Kimishima on "Entertainment Teach-In" is now available. Please check it out too!


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