[NONYAROGA!] Chohanro Momoka: Master's and Non's Story of Getting it On! Part 2



The "Cross-border Broadcasting" TV program project, "NONYAROGA! Channel", In #50, we have the second half of a conversation with rakugo storyteller Pikkari☆ and Chokarou Momoka, who was promoted to the rank of machete on March 21! Gradually, the two gradually became more relaxed, and they got into a lively "gotcha" talk with each other. This is a glimpse into the profound world of rakugo.

Please enjoy the show.

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■You can even see the "back curtain" drawn by Non! Showcase of Momoka Chokarou's promotion to machete

March 26(Sat) and March 29 (Tue) at Suzumoto Engeijo
April 1 (Fri.) and 8 (Fri.) at Shinjuku Suehiro-tei
April 11 (Mon), 14 (Thu), 19 (Tue) Asakusa Engei Hall
April 21 (Thu) and 30 (Sat) at Ikebukuro Engeijo

May 11 (Wed), 13 (Fri), 14 (Sat) at Kokuritsu Engeijo

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