[Preliminary Announcement 4/14] Non will appear as a guest on "Savannah Takahashi's, God of Sauna" [TOKYO MX]


"Savannah Takahashi's Sauna Gods", currently airing on TOKYO MX, will move to every other Thursday from 21:25 to 21:54 in April!
The first guest for this event will be NON, who will appear on the program.

We will bring you the "revitalize" scene in the weekday prime time.

In this program, Savannah Takahashi, who is known for his love of sauna, welcomes top runners from various fields to the sauna, and when they are "revitalize" both mentally and physically, they talk about the "revitalize" moments in their lives, or "life moments". Sauna talk show about "turning points of life" in the sauna.

The program is scheduled to air on April 14 (Thu.) from 9:25 p.m.

Please watch it!




■Program Outline

Program name: Savannah Takahashi's Sauna Gods
Broadcasting station: TOKYO MX1
Broadcast date: Thursday, April 14, 21:25-21:54

Official WEB sitehttps://s.mxtv.jp/variety/sauna/