[Notice] Additional information about the NON GOODS SHOP products



The following items will be added to the NON GOODS SHOP around 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 3.

Some items are exclusive to the NON Fan Club. Please take a look at them.



1. "Ribbon" movie x Tiger Thermos collaboration bottle with Non Knock benefits (limited quantity)

The SDGs collaboration bottle (thermos) with a relief engraved with the ribbon costume motif from the movie Ribbon is now available in a version with      NonKnock benefits!
The special prize is a Ribbon movie poster-style framed magnet and a Piece (in a small bottle) of the actual ribbon costume used in the filming of the       movie! Please note that the shipping time of the product is different from the time of the bonus delivery.
*To purchase this product, you can access the product page from Non Knock, Non's fan club.



2. Someday mugs (goldfish) will be added to stock!
Thanks for the great popularity! We have received many inquiries about additional stock, so we are now selling additional items. いつかのマグカップ3. Stock added to Ribbon logo T-shirts for the movie!
We will be adding sizes that are out of stock. The Ribbon logo is designed by taking letters made of ribbon and placing the ribbon costume in the silhouette of the letters. RibbonロゴT

4. Addition of PARCO "Non Ribbon Exhibition" goods!

The NON GOODS SHOP will now offer a selection of goods from the "NON Ribbon Exhibition," including zines, tote bags, T-shirts, and other items.