Figaro Japon June issue (on sale April 20)  Non will appear on the cover and in the feature article "An Adult Woman's Desire for a Makeover".


FIGARO6月号_表紙RGB 【大人の女の、変

[An adult woman's desire for a makeover.]
I am sure that every one of us lives with a small wish.
We all have small desires in our lives.
To change from pants to a mini-skirt.
To be wrapped in a new color for the first time.
I want to try on clothes I've never worn before.
or to transform themselves, even if it is only for self-satisfaction.
We want to fulfill these small desires of adult women.
That's why
I propose a new kind of fashion that will make you a little different from yesterday.

Figaro Japon June issue (on sale April 20, 2022)

In conjunction with the release of the magazine, a video interview with NON will be posted on Figaro Japon's Instagram page.
Please take a look at the video as well as the magazine.
※It will be available after April 20.