Announcement of "Ribbon" x Tiger thermos Collaboration Bottle Present Campaign



Tiger thermos Battle has collaborated with "Ribbon," a movie written, directed, and starred by Non, and today, April 20, Tiger thermos launched a campaign for the purchase of art bottles with original designs supervised by Non. The campaign is open to those who purchase the bottles from the special Tiger Thermos website.

The campaign offers a chance to win goods related to the movie "Ribbon" with Non's autograph.
Customers who have previously purchased from Tiger Makuho's special website are also eligible for the campaign.

■Click here to visit the campaign site.

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■About the Collaboration Bottle

The bottle is designed with the theme of the movie, "Ribbon," in a three-dimensional relief style.

The design of the bottle represents the ribbon part of the costume worn by the main character Itsuko, played by Non in the movie "Ribbon," which was written, directed by, and stars Non. The unevenness of the ribbon is applied three-dimensionally all around the vacuum-insulated bottle, so you can enjoy the tactile feeling of it.

The double-layered stainless steel vacuum-insulated bottle is made in Japan and can be used in any season.
The "smooth drinking spout" is rounded at the top, reproducing the comfortable feel of a ceramic mug.

The product is now on sale at the Tiger Bottle website, a D2C site that promotes human rights, health, and environmental friendliness, and at the "NON GOODS SHOP".

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