Three Sisters of Tenma-so" starring Non will be released on October 28 (Fri.).




5月15日、のん、門脇麦さん(事務所公式アカウント)、大島優子 さん3人の SNS アカウントに、30秒の動画とWebサイト「TENMASOU.COM」へのリンクがサプライズでアップされ話題を呼びました。

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<Non's comment>
When I read the original story of "Three Sisters of Amama-so," I was very impressed.
Lives were taken away in an instant. The people who are left behind have no idea how to accept it, and it has not ended yet.
I felt that the message contained in the original story would reach the audience because it is depicted as a fantasy world, and I decided that I wanted to participate in the production.
I was also very excited to be able to share my performance with the wonderful cast.

Please look forward to more information about the film in the coming weeks.



Title: "The Three Sisters of Tenma-so"
Release date: October 28 (Fri.), 2012 (National Roadshow)

(C)2022 Tsutomu Takahashi/Shueisha/Tenma-so Production Committee
Distributor: Toei Co.

Cast: Non, Mugi Kadowaki / Yuko Oshima
Producer: Taro Maki ("In a Corner of the World")
Director: Ryuhei Kitamura
Screenplay: Ureha Shimada
Music: Akihiko Matsumoto
Original Story: Tsutomu Takahashi "The Three Sisters of Tenma-so - Sky High" (Shueisha Young Jump Comics DIGITAL)
Distributor: Toei Production: Jenco Production: "The Three Sisters of Tenma-so" Production Committee

2021 / Color / CinemaScope / 5.1ch / 149 min

©2022 Tsutomu Takahashi / SHUEISHA / Tenma-so Production Committee