NHK Plus will be streaming the programs! Setogei to Watashi (Setogei and Me)" and "Early Spring Art Trip (again)"



"Setogei and me ~Non's fresh green art journey" was recently broadcast on NHK Kagawa and Okayama, and due to many requests from all over Japan, it will be broadcast in Shikoku and distributed on NHK Plus!

Please enjoy Non's journey through the vast nature of the Seto Inland Sea as she encounters various art forms.


Setogei and Me ~Non's Early Spring Art Journey
NHK Sogo (Shikoku) Monday, August 1, Midnight 0:45 - 1:28
NHK Plus will start streaming after the broadcast.

Setogei and Me (Setogei and I: Non's Art Journey in the New Green)
NHK Sogo (Shikoku) Wednesday, August 3, 10:00-10:43
NHK Plus will begin streaming after the broadcast.


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