Non appeared in a commercial for LA PITA, a disaster prevention product.



Non appeared in a commercial for LA PITA disaster prevention goods.

Please pay attention to Non as she introduces various disaster prevention goods in a flowing manner!

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■What is LA・PITA?

LA PITA is always thinking about what we can do to prepare for large-scale natural disasters that may occur in Japan in the future.

We strongly feel that it is important for people to be prepared on a daily basis so that they will not regret their actions after a disaster strikes.

This has been Rapita's desire and commitment since its founding: "We want everyone to be able to live their lives with peace of mind.

This commitment is reflected in our highly reliable products, which we deliver to you. Lapita is committed to being a leading manufacturer of disaster prevention products that are loved and trusted by everyone.


■Lapita's Commitment

We pursue disaster prevention products that are well-designed and blend in comfortably with living rooms, entrances, and bedrooms, so that people can take them with them and evacuate immediately in case of an emergency.

Of course, we are not only concerned with design, but also with functionality from the viewpoint of disaster prevention professionals who are crisis management professionals.

We will continue to provide peace of mind through products that are truly useful in the event of a disaster.