KAIWA(RE)CORD 5th Anniversary Project! Official Lyric Video of "Hennen no Katto", NON's first lyric composition!



KAIWA(RE)CORD, led by Nonn, celebrated its 5th anniversary on August 3.
As part of KAIWA(RE)CORD's 5th anniversary project, an official lyric video of "Henn na nakko," which was written and composed by Nonn for the first time, was released at the end of the memorable 5th anniversary live "Nonn Ouchi de Wataru Live vol.14" held today, August 6!
The lyric video for "Henn no nakko" was created by onnacodomo, the same artist who produced the music video for "Namai ki ni Skirt".
Please take a look.

Click here to watch the lyric video.



Music Video info
Planning: Nonn
Production: onnacodomo
Photographer: Kentaro Minami (FOCUS STUDIO)

Music info "Hennen no nakko
Lyrics and music by Nonn


<Profile of Onnacodomo
VJ / Video Director / Collage Artist

Onnacodomo is a unit consisting of graphic artist Roka Noguchi and video artist Yasuko Seki.

They have performed at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL (with Buffalo Daughter) and Coachella (with Ryan Hemsworth) with their unique VJ performance of collaging and projecting everything at hand in real time through a video camera. He has also created video works utilizing his VJ worldview, and has directed 6 songs including Hiroshi Fujiwara's "TERRITORY", Non's "Namaiki ni Skirt", Hei Tanaka's "There is no meaning", OKAMOTO'S In 2018, he started creating collage works and held a solo exhibition. He has also collaborated with ceramic artist "MATKA" and silkscreen artist "MANUAL" to present his works, and is expanding his production range.

Instagram/Twitter @onnacodomo