Rare making-of footage of the movie "Sakananoko" has been unleashed! & more screenings at overseas film festivals to be announced!



The film "Sakananoko", a compilation of Okita's works, starring Non and directed by Shuichi Okita, humorously depicts the life of the well-known "Sakana-kun", and will be released on September 1 (Thursday).

Based on Sakana-kun's first autobiography "Sakana-kun's Ichigo-ichii Ikkai - Mainichi mitsumo na Jinsei! 〜(published by Kodansha Ltd.). The original story describes how Sakana-kun, who loved fish since his childhood, eventually became "Sakana-kun" through many encounters. The original story of how he became "Sakana-kun" was boldly rearranged by playwright and film director Shiro Maeda, together with director Okita, while also incorporating fiction. The film has been the talk of the town since it was recently announced that Sakana-kun, the author of the original story, would appear in the film as "Uncle Gyogyo" (Mr. Gyogyo).

A making-of video of Sakana-kun's surprise visit to the filming location with an illustration of a fish and a special banner expressing his gratitude for the film's success has been released!

The film also crossed the ocean and had its "world premiere" at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montréal!

Especially in the Asian region, the film received a great welcome as it was a tag-team effort between Okita, who has delivered a series of impressive films such as "Yonosuke Yokomichi", and Non, who has gained a large following for his fascinating activities that transcend the boundaries of genres. The "Asian Premiere" of the film was screened at the Beijing International Film Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival, followed by its release in Taiwan!

The film has already begun to warmly touch the hearts of people around the world at various film festivals overseas, along with many other high-profile films, including Academy Award nominees.

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Sakananoko" Film
Roadshow from September 1 (Thu.) at TOHO CINEMAS Hibiya and other theaters nationwide.

Official Site:https://sakananoko.jp/


Movie: "Sakana no Ko"
Cast: Non, Yuya Yagira, Kaho Isomura, Yuto Isomura, Amane Okayama, Hiroki Miyake, Haruka Igawa
Based on the story by Sakana-kun "Sakana-kun no Ichigo-ichi-e - A life of daily obsession! 〜" (Kodansha Publishing Co., Ltd.)
Director/Screenplay: Shuichi Okita
Screenplay: Shiro Maeda
Music: Pascals
Production: "Sakananoko" Production Committee
Production/Distribution: Tokyo Theatres
(c) 2022 "Sakananoko" Production Committee
Roadshow from September 1 (Thu.) at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya and other theaters nationwide.
Official site sakananoko.jp

Official twiter @sakananoko_jp