[Thank you] Nonyaroga! Chan's 1st anniversary. Our cross-border project continues to expand!



Non's YouTube channel "NON-YAROGA! Channel" is celebrating its first anniversary today!

Thanks to the support of many people, the number of subscribers to the channel has surpassed 100,000!

Starting with the TV program project "Kosaikai Hoso Bali," which tells the backstage of YouTube, the first solo live "Nonnosaurus in Zepp Tokyo 1st Last LIVE" support project and live distribution, the "guitar project" with Kei Higuchi, the backstage of Nonn's creative activities, travel location shooting in Iwate prefecture, and many other projects, we have been challenging ourselves with various projects. We have been challenging ourselves with a variety of projects.

Currently, the "Noodle Detective" project, which transcends the boundaries of TV stations and introduces delicious ramen from all over Japan, is also spreading.

We will continue to challenge various "cross-border projects" in the future.
We look forward to your support.

■Commemorative first distribution

■Purchased a Gibson acoustic guitar that he fell in love with at first sight (with Kei Higuchi)

■Kansai-ben project! (Actually, it was filmed in between the dolphin training of the "Three Sisters of Amama-so"...)

■The first collaboration with Michyopa and Yoshimura, members of Cross Border Broadcasting!

■NON vs. Sanriku Railway⁉ Recreate the famous scene!

■The "Noodle Detective Non" project crosses the boundaries of TV stations.

■Nonyaga! Channel.