【Notice】From October 26, "Monthly Nonn", a series of articles by Nonn, will start in the morning edition of Mainichi Shimbun.




From August 2022, NON will appear in "NON to Mainichi Newspaper," a commercial for the Mainichi Newspaper, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary. In addition to the rhythmical commercial, a video of a conversation with Mainichi Newspaper reporters is also available on the special website.

On October 26, "Monthly Non," a series of articles by Non, will begin in the morning edition of the Mainichi Newspaper. In the series, Non will talk about "small moving moments" in her own words, ranging from the SDGs, Tohoku reconstruction assistance, her music and acting activities, and her daily life.

Please look forward to it.


■Mainichi Newspaper special site "Nonto Mainichi Newspaper