Three Sisters of Tenmasou" Full-length movie footage unleashed! The film will be shown on Friday, October 28th.



The feature film "The Three Sisters of Amama-so" starring NON has been unleashed.

In the film, Tamae (Non), who has been hired as a waitress at Amama-so, is taught by Nozomi (Yuko Oshima), the young proprietress, how to serve customers.

Tamae is nervous as she is being fitted for her samue. As he looks awkward in his unfamiliar role as a waitress, Nozomi tells him that the basics of hospitality are to always think about how to make the guests happy and to smile.

Furthermore, Nozomi hints at the existence of a certain guest who is staying at the ryokan, and who even Nozomi is having a hard time dealing with....

How will this newcomer grow up and face her own life through her work at the ryokan?

Expectations are high for this heartwarming and moving story that weaves between the sky and the earth.

The film "The Three Sisters of Tenmasou" will be released on October 28 (Fri.) on a nationwide roadshow.

Please look forward to it.

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