Second commercial starring Non Non! The new commercial for Mainichi Newspaper, "Non to Mainichi Newspaper, Theater Seats," will start airing on October 1st (Saturday)!


On October 1st (Sunday), the second commercial featuring "Nonto to Mainichi Newspaper Theater Seats" will begin airing. In contrast to the first commercial, in which she speaks from the theater stage, this time, the commercial starts with a message from the audience. There is also a scene where NONNO runs through the theater, creating a sense of speed in the video.

Please take a look!




【New series "Monthly Non" in Mainichi Newspaper】
On October 26th, the "Monthly Non" column will be published in the morning edition of the Mainichi Newspaper. NON has many values that she holds dear, such as supporting reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, SDGs and her music activities. NON will talk about a particularly emotional moment in her daily life. The article will be published every 4th Wednesday of the month.


【Special website "Non to and Everyday Newspaper】
The special website "NONTO and Mainichi Newspaper" is now open to the public, and is structured in line with the world view of the commercial, including a video interview between NONTO and a Mainichi Newspaper reporter and a making-of video of the commercial.

■Click here to visit the special website "Non to and Everyday Newspaper".