The Three Sisters of Tenmasou" will have an additional opening greeting on October 29 (Sat.).



Due to the popularity of the "Three Sisters of Tenma-so" commemorative stage greeting to be held on October 29 (Sat) at Shinjuku Baltic 9, an additional stage greeting will be held.


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Venue Shinjuku Baltic 9

■≪Stage Greeting Speakers≫
Non Mugi Kadowaki Kasumi Yamaya Yoshiko Mita Masatoshi Nagase Shinobu Terajima Director Ryuhei Kitamura
※Please note that the speakers are subject to change without notice.

14:25, Stage Greeting before the screening starts

【Ticket price (per ticket)】
2,100 yen flat (tax included)

《How to purchase tickets 》
These reserved-seat tickets will be sold only through "Ticket Pia".

<General on-sale>
Saturday, October 22, 10:00AM Sales start

■How to purchase
・Tickets can be purchased online.
・Tickets are limited to 4 per person.
・Please note that tickets cannot be exchanged for advance tickets.
・Seats are not selectable.

◆Internet Purchase


For ticket inquiries, please contact

Ticket Pia Help


[From the Staff] Cautions and Requests Concerning the "Three Sisters of Tenmasou" Movie

The movie "Three Sisters of Tanma-so" will be released on 10/28(Fri.).

The film is based on the manga "The Three Sisters of Tenma-so," which was created in an attempt to heal the difficult situation after the Great East Japan Earthquake with the power of creativity.
As the synopsis suggests, this is a story about the three sisters who, by looking at the present world between the heavenly world and the earthly world, come to various thoughts and realizations.

◆Notes and Requests to Prospective Viewers◆

This film contains scenes of tsunamis and flooding, as well as scenes that may remind viewers of a major earthquake. Please be aware of the content before viewing this film.