11/6 (Sun.) "Nonn Live at Home vol.15" will be held. Kei Higuchi's own sister, Ai Higuchi, finally! Higuchi Ai, Kei Higuchi's own sister, is finally coming down to the stage!


The 15th installment (the 17th in total including special editions) of "NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE" (#NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE)," an online live performance by NON that has been held since May 2020 with paid tickets, will be broadcast on November 6, 2012 (Sunday). The live online performance will be broadcast on November 6 (Sun.). The concept of "Non-Ouchi de MIRU LIVE" is to "turn everyone's room into a live house! The concept of "Non-Ouchi Live" is "Everyone's room becomes a live music club!


■First collaboration with Higuchi Ai, a singer-songwriter who plays the keyboard!

The special guest for "Non-Ouchi de Wataru Live vol.15" will be Higuchi Ai, whose song "Devil's Child," the ending theme song for the TV anime "Shinkage no Kyojin" has topped 100 million streaming views and is currently sweeping the charts around the world.

What a surprise! She is the real sister of Kei Higuchi, partner of the live show we watch at Non-Ouchi!

This time, "If the Higuchi family is here, let's go back to our roots! So, we are going to try our hand at a battle-style live performance for the first time in a while 🎸.

Which song will the three of them collaborate on? And what kind of confrontation will they have?

Will Kei Higuchi, who has been weak against her older sister, be able to show her usual King Kei in the sisters' showdown? Stay tuned!

(Note) This is a casual live performance with audience participation and battle style. There may not be a lot of singing. There will be a showdown.



【NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.15 (#NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE) - First collaboration between sisters Non & Higuchiai!】 will take place on Sunday, November 6, 2022!

Tickets go on sale today! Also, good news for those who can't watch the live broadcast! You can enjoy the missed streaming until 23:59 on Saturday, November 12.

You can purchase tickets for the missed streaming even after the live streaming. *Non Fan Club is selling tickets at a special price.
※You can purchase tickets for the missed streaming even after the live streaming ends. *Tickets for missed streaming are available until 23:59 on November 11 (Fri.).

※Please note that the viewing period for the missed archives is shorter than usual this time.


【URL to purchase tickets】  NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.15 (#NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE) -Non & Higuchiai sisters' first collaboration!
ZAIKO: https://speedylive-non.zaiko.io/item/352257
※More details at the bottom of the article.



From the previous "Non-Ouchi de MIRU LIVE vol.14”


■NON's comment

I've been following Higuchi Ai, Kei Higuchi's sister, from afar, but after a few surprises for Kei and promises to have dinner with her, I've been getting closer and closer to her, and finally she's going to perform at "Non-Ouchi de Wataru Live"! I promised her that I would go out to dinner with her, and after some other things, she finally agreed to perform at the "Nono Home Watch Live" event! I can't wait to see the two wonderful and slightly eccentric members of the Higuchi family in front of my eyes. The battle of Ai vs. Non & King Kei is sure to be fun, win or lose. I can't wait for it now!



Profile   Higutcikei

Guitarist and Producer From childhood, he grew up exposed to instruments such as violin and piano, and started playing electric guitar in high school.
He started supporting Koresawa, Higuchi Ai, Enko Inoue, Buono!, Reina Matsui, Tokyo Girls' Style, Renni Takagi, and others, and since joining Non Cigarettes as a guitarist in 2017, he has been supporting Non's musical activities.
He also studied under arranger/producer Hikaru Ishizaki. He is also active as a creator of music for stage and film, utilizing his experience as a player and PA/recording engineer. In February 2022, he composed the musical accompaniment for "Ribbon," the first theatrical film written, directed, and starred by Non. In April of the same year, he released "Parallel Ribbons," the first album under the name Kei Higuchi and the inspiration for the movie "Ribbon.


Born in 1989. Singer-songwriter. Born in Kagawa, raised in Nagano, and moved to Tokyo for college.
She started learning classical piano when she was 2 years old, and later experienced violin, chorus, voice, drums, guitar, etc., and was exposed to various kinds of music. Started performing mainly as a keyboard player at the age of 18.
In 2016, she made her major debut with her 1st ALBUM "One Hundred and Sixty Degrees". Their performance ability and essential musicality, which they have cultivated over the years, have been highly acclaimed both inside and outside the industry, and they have performed at major festivals such as "FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL" and "RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL". In January 2022, he was selected to write "Devil's Child" for the ending of the TV anime "Shingeki no Kyojin" The Final Season Part2.



【Live Details】

■Live name:
NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.15 (#NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE) -Non & Higuchiai sisters' first collaboration!

Non Higutcikei Higutciai

■Date & Time.
Sunday, November 6, 2022, 7:00pm - 8:20pm (approx. 80 minutes)
※Missing viewing period: Saturday, November 12, until 23:59
※Ticket sales will be available until 23:59, November 11 (Fri.)
※Please note that the viewing period for the missed archives is shorter than usual this time.

■Format: Live Streaming (with missed broadcasts)

ZAIKO: https://speedylive-non.zaiko.io/item/352257
General: 3,000 yen (tax included)
FC: 2,650 yen (tax included)
※Sold at a special price of 2,650 yen (including tax) in NonKnock fan club (Please purchase from the link in the fan club)
※Tickets for viewing will be on sale until 23:59 on November 11 (Fri.)
※Tickets purchased after the live will only be available for archived viewing, and viewer comments will not be available for viewing or posting comments.

■How to purchase tickets
Please access the ticket purchase page from the purchase URL above.
To purchase tickets, you will need to register for an account on the platform (free of charge).

・This performance will be held on the Internet.
・Please check the "How to view the tickets" page in the e-mail. Please confirm the viewing procedure in the e-mail.
・We receive many inquiries about the disappearance of purchased tickets. Please be careful not to lose the e-mail, as you can always access the ticket page from the URL in the e-mail you receive from ZAIKO after purchase.
・Please be careful not to lose your e-mail.
・We recommend the use of a stable Internet environment (such as Wi-Fi).
・We will do our best to prepare for the live broadcast with the best possible equipment and connection, but please understand that due to the nature of the live broadcast, there is a possibility of unforeseen pauses and disruptions.
・If you watch from the middle of the live broadcast, the live feed will start from that point. Rewind and replay will be available after the end of the live broadcast.