Non Goods Brand] "Mike & Karintou" The first "Mike & Karintou" starring Karintou!


The original brand "Mike & Karintou" was launched on July 13th, Non's birthday, and is based on the motif of art drawn by Non.

The designs under production are now available to the public!


The first one stars KARINTOU!

Karinto is a crocodile character that NON holds dear.
This time, NON's first drawing of Karintou will be incorporated into the product. カリントウ説明画像 【What is a karintou?】
A crocodile with a tail that stands on end. It likes apples.m&k_Tshirt_バニラホワイト_表

A T-shirt design featuring the visual of "Karintou" and the brand logo has been completed.
To express the unique and cute charm of the "Karintou", NON herself paid close attention to the placement and background margins of the design.

The first products featuring Karintou are "tote bags" and "masking tapes," and the progress will be posted on Non's official website and SNS.
Stay tuned!

■Collaboration campaign with KOIZUMI BEAUTY also started!

And what a surprise! A collaboration campaign with "KOIZUMI BEAUTY", in which NON appears in commercials, will start on November 1!

Customers who purchase KOIZUMI BEAUTY products between November 1, 2022 and January 10, 2023 will be entered in a drawing to win "Mike & Karintou" goods signed by Non!

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