New visual of "KOIZUMI BEAUTY" will be released on November 1st! & NON-produced brand "Sanke & Karintou" collaboration campaign starts!


KOIZUMI BEAUTY, a comprehensive brand of beauty and beauty appliances, of which NON is the image character, has unveiled a new visual!

The visual depicts NON playing two roles of a "covered girl" who tends to neglect her daily care and a "self-protective sheep" who gently observes her sister as they enjoy beauty care using KOIZUMI BEAUTY's products.


In addition, to celebrate the release of the new visual, a collaboration campaign for the movie "Three Sisters of Tenmasou", a collaboration campaign for the brand "Mike & Karintou" produced by NON, and an Instagram monitor campaign will be held. We look forward to your participation︕.




Commemorating the release of "Three Sisters of Amamasou

Collaboration Campaign of "Three Sisters of Tenma-so" and "KOIZUMI BEAUTY

■Entry period: November 30th, 2022 (Wed.)    

■Number of winners: 9 people by lottery

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In commemoration of the release of the movie "Three Sisters of Tenma-so", a collaboration campaign will be held. 9 people will be selected by drawing from among those who take a picture of the ticket stub of "Three Sisters of Tenma-so" and apply through the campaign application form to receive KOIZUMI BEAUTY products.



Win goods autographed by NON!

Brand produced by NON

KOIZUMI BEAUTY × "Mike & Karintou" Collaboration Campaign

Application period: November 1, 2010 (Monday) - January 10, 2023 (Tuesday)

Number of winners: 10 people by lottery

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