Cafe de Paris Citrus Mix and Cafe de Paris Sweet Cherry, both illustrated by Non, will be available in limited edition packaging.



November 27, 2022 Release: Citrus Mix

NON drew the illustrations for the limited edition design bottles of "Cafe de Paris Citrus Mix" and "Cafe de Paris Sweet Cherry" for the French fruit sparkling wine "Cafe de Paris".

NON drew fruits and ribbons wrapped in bubbles as motifs of each fruit flavor, and the illustrations are designed on the bottles.

Cafe de Paris Citrus Mix" with four citrus flavors of lemon, lime, yuzu, and seekwasa will be released on November 7 (Mon), and "Cafe de Paris Sweet Cherry" with a gentle sweet cherry flavor that melts in your mouth will be released on February 6 (Mon), 2023.

To celebrate the release of the first product, "Cafe de Paris Citrus Mix," a live broadcast will be held on November 8 (Tue) on NON's YouTube channel "Nonyaroga! channnel" on Tuesday, November 8.




*You must be 20 years old to drink alcohol. Minors are not allowed to purchase.

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Available February 6, 2023 Sweet Cherry