Non, you! Non and Kei Higuchi and I got along well and chilled [Trendy chairing].



The "Transborder Broadcasting" Project YouTube "Nonyaroga! Channel" #76 is "In the great outdoors, chairing! This is the second episode.
Chairing is a recent popular leisure activity that allows people to relax and enjoy themselves while sitting in outdoor chairs.

After participating in WOOD CHANGE in Hinohara Village, NON invited Kei HIGUCHI as a guest to enjoy chairing.
We will enjoy a relaxing talk in the nature, which is different from the music scene.

Please come and watch!

It represents activities to change to a sustainable society through the use of wood, such as changing everyday objects to wood, incorporating domestic wood into our daily lives, and building wooden and woody structures.
Incorporating domestic timber into our daily lives not only brings warmth and healing, but also leads to actions to protect Japan's forests and improve the environment.
Furthermore, by using more trees, the Japanese forestry industry will be revitalized, forests will be better cared for, and healthy forests that absorb plenty of carbon dioxide (CO2) will grow.



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