[Nonon Fan Club special offer included will be available for pre-order at a later date! Sakananoko" Special Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD [February 24, 2023 (Fri.)!


The special limited edition Blu-ray/DVD of the movie "Sakananoko" starring NON will be released on Friday, February 24, 2022!

In addition to the full-length video, the film includes five making-of featurettes and an event digest as video extras. In addition, four specific message cards are included. An audio commentary by director Shuichi Okita and Ton is included as an audio bonus. Please welcome this collector's item, which also includes a special report and trailer.


Reservations for the Non Knock official fan club [with "Non Knock" exclusive benefits] will be made at a later date.
Details will be announced in the fan club, so please look forward to it.






Sakananoko" Special Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Product Information

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■Release date: Friday, February 24, 2023

■Reservation start date: The reservation start date for "Non Knock" with special offer will be announced as soon as it is determined.

■Price: Special Limited Edition Blu-ray : 6,380 yen (10% tax included price) * Shipping fee not included

DVD: 4,180 yen (10% tax included price) ※Shipping not included

Special Limited Edition Blu-ray

Included in:

Main disc: approx. 141 min (main disc: approx. 139 min + video extras: approx. 2 min) + bonus disc: approx. 120 min
Main disc: Dolby TrueHD (5.1ch), Linear PCM (stereo) / AVC / BD50G / 16:9 <1080p High Definition> / with barrier-free Japanese subtitles (ON/OFF available) *Barrier-free Japanese audio guide available
Special features disc: Dolby Digital (stereo) / Single-sided dual layer / 16:9 (squeeze) / Vista size

■Special content :

●Special Disc (DVD)
・Making of "Sakananoko" Part 1
・Making of "Sakananoko" Part 2
・Making of "NONTO and Mee-bo
・Making of "Sakananoko" (The Fish)
・Making of "Sakananoko" Off-shot
・Digest of events (completion report stage greeting / release commemorative stage greeting / blockbuster hit thank-you teach-in)

●Special message card set (4 cards)
A set of message cards with photos that evoke the story and memorable dialogues

■Audio Benefits

●Audio Commentary
Cast: Non, Director Shuichi Okita
(Barrier-free Japanese subtitles available)

■special effects (e.g. in a video game):

●Special Report

■Package specifications:

●Special sleeve case
●Double-sided jacket




(The editor about 139 points + video special about 2 points) / Dulvier digitale (Streo) / film 2 layers / 16:9 (Skuiz) / Vis Tasai / Barilla Freire Japanese subtitles (ON・OFF possible) * Barilla Freire Japanese audio gadgets are available

■Special Offers

●Special Report


■Sakananoko" movie official website