ikuno art stay 2023 non ribbon art" exhibition report: 9 days of ribbon art by creative artist 'non' decorating Japanese architecture



ikuno art stay 2023 non ribbon art" organized by NPO J-heritage in Ikuno Town (Asago City), Hyogo Prefecture, has completed its run.

Non-no ribbon art was exhibited at the Kou Company House, a cultural asset of Asago City, the Ikuno Club, a designated National Important Cultural Landscape of Japan, and the Kuchiginya Ginzan-cho Museum Center (former Asada Residence and former Yoshikawa Residence), which contributed to the modernization of Japan.

In addition to the ribbon art that she has been presenting continuously since 2020 and the work that appeared in the movie "Ribbon," a new ribbon artwork "Prototype: Room of Makka Warashi" using 219 kokeshi dolls was unveiled.

The nine-day exhibition attracted many visitors from far and wide, and the Ikuno area was filled with a new buzz.


The exterior of the "Ikuno Club" covered with snow during the exhibition.


The first floor of the Ikuno Club is a space closed off by dark curtains. In this spooky and spacious room, NON's works are lined up.

On the left is "Perception of the Future" (2020), which inspired the ribbon art. On the right is "Cassie's Painting" (2020). This work powerfully depicts the back view of a girl with mysterious abilities. It was drawn for the cover art of Akio Nakamori's novel "Cassie.


The Ribbon of Wishes (2021). This work was drawn for the 20th anniversary of the Love & Peace Project, which supports children around the world who have been affected by conflicts and earthquakes.


Oh, there is something in the corner of the room...


Kokeshi dolls are covered with ribbons. They seem to be called "bright red children.




You walk down the wooden corridor, feeling the creaking sound of the wood as you go.

When you reach the back room, you will find a room lined with kokeshi dolls.

The shadows of the kokeshis stretch into the dark room, creating an eerie atmosphere.

This is Non's new artwork, "Trial Production: Room of the Red Child," which was unveiled for the first time at this ikuno art stay.



Kokeshi dolls with various expressions and bodies are covered with ribbons.


They can be clustered in a corner, aligned, or in a variety of other places.



On the nageshi (long push) or...


In the corner of the Ranma, bright red children are going out...


In the shadow of the shoji screen in the room where the work "Nobody" (2020) is displayed


There were bright red children. It seems that a total of eight bright red children are out and about on the first floor of the Ikuno Club.
Did those of you who attended the exhibition find them all?


On the second floor of the "Ikuno Club," an artwork ("Hanami, 3 Children" (2021)) is on display amidst the open light and breezes.

This work is a ribbon artwork unveiled in the "YOKOHAMA ART STATION project 2020.

It was created based on the concept of enjoying hanami inside the station. The ribbons used in the artwork were tied by the ribbon supporters of Non Knock, a Non Non fan club.


And the "ribbon costume" worn by Non in the movie "Ribbon" is also on display.

Head to the next venue, "Kuchiginya Ginzan-cho Museum Center (former Asada Residence and former Yoshikawa Residence).


Ribbon Costume" shines in the snow. Costume worn by Yasushi Kiuchi and Yoichi Kondo for the movie "Ribbon" and the theme song "Bokudanai Mono MV.





On the second floor, "Itsuka's Self-Portrait and Hirai's Work" (2020) is on display.

A self-portrait by Itsuka Asakawa, the main character in the film "Ribbon. The wood panel work in the background appears in the film as the work of Hirai, Itsuka's close friend (Hirai's work: Taro Seo).

The next venue, "Kou Company Residences (No. 9 and No. 19)," is a valuable building that preserves the lifestyle of the Meiji era, and was also the birthplace of actor Takashi Shimura.


Choucho and Black Pine" (2022), a bonsai wrapped in ribbon. This ribbon artwork is a follow-up to Non's giant installation "Choucho and Banyan Tree," which was presented at the Yanbaru Art Festival. Cooperation: Tokyo Ribbon

The bright red children are coming to play here, too.




Non's ribbon art fused with a beautiful historical old house for 9 days.

ikuno art stay 2023 non ribbon art" has ended successfully.

Thank you very much for your visit.

Where will the bright red children go to play next?

Until we meet again...