Thank you very much for submitting the first round of OUI OU, which was multiplied by a factor of 10!



The lottery for the first installment of "OUI OU," the upcycling brand produced by NON, which opened its POP UP STORE last December for a limited time - NON, Seishiro Imawano and Reichi "CHABO" Nakaido - has ended.

We received a large number of applications, with the number of applicants increasing by a factor of 10. Thank you very much.

We have sent an e-mail to all applicants.
Please be sure to check the contents of the email if you were selected as a winner.

We are currently preparing to ship the products (scheduled for late February).
Please wait for a while for the winners.


■Comment from Non
OUI OU, thank you for all the applications. The drawing has been successfully completed.
We would like to send you a sparkling treasure that will allow you to be with your favorite artists and "live with your guess" with care.


■About "OUI OU" Vol. 1

OUI OU" is based on the concept of "Life with your favorite artists" and offers the joy of living with your favorite artists close at hand.

The first OUI OU pop-up store held in December 2022 featured Reichi "CHABO" Nakaido and Kiyoshiro Imawano (Babyz), both of whom NON admires and respects. Reichi "CHABO" NAKAIDO displayed and sold items (sundries and accessories) upcycled from his stage costumes, Kiyoshiro Imawano displayed his personal clothes, and NON displayed and sold items (sundries and accessories) upcycled from his stage costumes (sold at stores and by lottery on the web).


Upcycling brand "OUI OU" produced by NON announces its first collaboration artist!

To celebrate the opening of the pop-up store for the upcycling brand "OUI OU" produced by NON, the fantastic images of Kiyoshiro Imawano and Reichi Nakai "CHABO" Nakaido are brought back to life! Commercial featuring NONON and Reichi "CHABO" NAKAIDO

NON YAROGA! Go behind the scenes of OUI OU, an upcycling brand produced by NON!

■OUI OU (We-U) 1st entry site

■OUI OU official Instagram