NON will appear in Mainichi Newspaper's online event: "What I want to tell you now - 3.11 and us".



NON will appear in an online talk event titled "What I want to tell you now - 3.11 and us" hosted by the Mainichi Newspapers to discuss the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Co-host of the event will be actor Eri Watanabe, with whom NON has been in close contact.

This event is an online delivery event with a paid ticket system. The performers will discuss what they want to convey to many people through their expressive activities, and talk about "what they want to convey" submitted by viewers.

Theater, film, and music can encourage people with painful memories and give them courage and smiles to move forward into the future.

All fees, except for expenses, will be donated to the Mainichi Hope Scholarship, a scholarship program established by the Mainichi Shimbun for children orphaned by the earthquake and tsunami.
In addition, we would like to invite participants to write "What you want to tell us about 3.11 and me" in order to register for this event.
Please see the event outline below for details.

In addition, we are planning to present autographed color paper gifts from NONO and Eri Watanabe from among those who are featured in the event.


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