NON's new song "Kono Hibiyo Uta ni Nare" music video released + chosen as the theme song for the Japanese dubbed version of the movie "Yushi-Shonen/Lion Boy"!


NON completes its long-awaited new song "Kono Hibi yo Uta ni Nare" in 2023!
The song, written by Takahiro Shibata of "Wasureta wa Ya Ya Ya Mitsu" fame, will be the theme song for the Japanese dubbed version of the full CG animated film "Yushi-shonen/Lion Boy". This is the first time NON's music has been used as the theme song for an animated film!

Lion Boys" was an unprecedented blockbuster hit in China and ranked first in the movie satisfaction ranking of films released in 2009. This shocking work, which has been critically acclaimed for its overwhelming power and has brought tears to everyone's eyes, will be released in theaters nationwide, including Shinjuku Wald 9 on Friday, May 26, with a Japanese dubbed version by a splendid cast of voice actors including Natsuki Hanae, who played Sumijiro Kamon in "Blade of Demon", Hiyori Sakurada, Kappei Yamaguchi, Fukutsugu Ochiai, and Koichi Yamadera.

The music video for "Kono Hibi Yo Uta ni Nare" is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, April 12 at 20:00.
Prior to its release, scene shots from the video will be shown. The song is a powerful middle ballad written by Takahiro Shibata of Ogotoran nayo Shibata based on an episode he discussed with NON.
The music video was directed by filmmaker Tomokazu Yamada, and features a strong impression of Non-non running in the "rain.






「Let these days be a song」
Release date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 20:00
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「Lion Boy/Lion Boy」

<Message from Non>
We are finally able to announce our new song "Kono Hibi yo Uta ni Nare" (Let These Days Become a Song).
The moment Mr. Shibata sent me the demo and I played it, I was gripped by the song.
I thought that only Tomokazu Yamada could express the pain of this song, so I offered to do the music video. The music video has a strong will to run through the rain and find hope.

And I have one more exciting news. I have been chosen to sing the theme song for the Japanese dubbed version of the animated movie "Lion Boy.
It is a wonderful movie. I immersed myself in my youth and immersed myself in the world of the movie.
I was also amazed by the overwhelming visual beauty of the full CG.
The beautiful light, scenery, and compositions that heighten the sense of anticipation. The lion dance dynamic was real.
The protagonist's frustration and longing, the dedicated and powerful cry of his soul is exciting.
I never thought I would see the truth in such emotional passion for the lion dance.
I am so excited at this chance encounter! and I am so excited about this chance encounter.
I am truly happy.

We are planning to announce some big news at the same time as the MV premiere, so please look forward to it!

<Profile of Tomokazu Yamada>
Film director and filmmaker. Born in Tokyo. He runs the creative team Tokyo Film.
In 2013, he won the Grand Prix at the WIRED Creative Huck Award, and in 2014, he won the Silver Award at the New York Festival. He has directed numerous music videos and short films. As a photographer, he presented "Beyond The City" at the exhibition "SHIBUYA / Daido Moriyama / NEXT GEN". He will hold the photography exhibition "Memory of the City" at Isetan in 2010 and 2022.