Non donated all proceeds from the NFT artwork "The King's Cloak" to Kuji City.



On Saturday, April 8, 2023, NON participated in the "NFT Artwork "King's Cloak" Donation Presentation Ceremony" held at Kuji City Information Exchange Center (YOMUNOSU) and donated all 2,753,035 yen of the proceeds from the sale of "King's Cloak" NFT artwork.

Last February, the company donated an actual artwork, "The King's Ribbon," to the facility. This artwork is based on the motif of "Palonikodon," a dinosaur discovered in Kuji City, and ribbons of organdie and satin are pasted over the artwork like a cape.

And at the same time, the work was sold in 300 pieces as NFT art, utilizing digital technology that cannot be duplicated.
It was announced that all proceeds would be donated.



The real art will be used to support tourism in Kuji City, NON's "second hometown," and the proceeds from the digital art will be used to support tourism.

The real and digital artwork will be used to support tourism in Kuji City, NON's second hometown.

We would also like to thank all those who made donation purchases.


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Non's first NFT art will be sold at "Yunima" on February 10 (Thu.)!