The Three Sisters of Tenma-so -Sky High-" will be released on Blu-ray-DVD on Wednesday, July 19, 2023! DVD rental starts at the same time!



The Blu-ray and DVD release of the movie "The Three Sisters of Amamasou" starring NON will be on sale on Wednesday, July 19.


STORYMitsuse is a town located between the heavens and earth. On top of a mountain overlooking the beautiful sea is the long-established inn "Tenma-so. The inn is run by a young proprietress, Nozomi Tenma (Yuko Oshima). Nozomi's younger sister Kanae (Mugi Kadowaki) is a dolphin trainer. Their mother, Keiko (Shinobu Terajima), the grand landlady, still holds a grudge against her father who ran away. One day, a girl named Tamae Ogawa (Non) arrives at Tenma-so accompanied by a mysterious woman named Izuko (Kou Shibasaki). Tamae is the half-sister of Nozomi and Kanae, and she is alone in this world. She was in a near-death state after a traffic accident.

Izuko said to Tamae, "You can decide whether you want to go back to your body or leave for the heavenly world. You can heal your soul at Amman-so and then decide whether you want to return to your body or leave for the heavenly world. However, Tamae does not stay at Amman-so as a guest, but asks to work there. What is Mitsuse anyway? What is the true role of Tenma-so?

The "time of decision" was approaching for you as well.

The tearful and moving blockbuster film depicting a human fantasy about "human life" with a splendid cast including Non, Kadowaki Mugi, and Oshima Yuko will be re-titled "The Three Sisters of Tenma-so: Sky High" for Blu-ray and DVD release on July 19, 2023 (Wednesday).

Reservations for the Non Knock official fan club [with "Non Knock" exclusive benefits] will be made at a later date.
Details will be announced in the fan club, so please look forward to it.
In addition to the portrait collection of 5 actresses (Non, Mugi Kadowaki, Yuko Oshima, Shinobu Terajima, and Kou Shibasaki) taken by Masatoshi Nagase, who played the role of photographer Kiyoshi, there will be a "Non Knock" exclusive bonus.



NON Mugi Kadowaki / Yuko Oshima

Kengo Kora Kasumi Yamaya Toshihisa Hagiwara

Hirayama Hiroyuki Yanagiba Toshiro Nakamura Masatoshi (Friendship Cast) / Mita Yoshiko (Special Appearance) Nagase Masatoshi (Friendship Cast) Terajima Shinobu Shibasaki Kou



Producer: Taro Maki ("In a Corner of the World") Director: Ryuhei Kitamura

Screenplay: Uriha Shimada Music: Akihiko Matsumoto

Theme Song: Beautiful World by Koji Tamaki feat. Ayaka (Nippon Columbia)

Based on the novel by Tsutomu Takahashi "The Three Sisters of Tenma-so: Sky High" (Shueisha Young Jump Comics DIGITAL)

【Theatrical release date】Published on October 28, 2022

【copyright】 ©2022 Tsutomu Takahashi / Shueisha / Amamaso Production Committee



Three Sisters of Amamasou -Sky High

〈Video special features〉

◆Stage Greeting Video (Tentative)

◆NON & KADOWAKI Mugi Dolphin talk (tentative)

◆Cast interviews

【Non & Kadowaki Mugi Yuko Oshima Kengo Kora Kajun Yamatani Toshihisa Hagiwara Yoshihisa Mita Masatoshi Nagase & Shinobu Terashima】(tentative)

◆Trailer 15 seconds (tentative)

◆Trailer 30 seconds (tentative)

◆Trailer 60 seconds (tentative)

◆Final Trailer (tentative)

◆International Trailer (tentative)


Part Number: BSZD08281 / Price: 5,280 (tax included) / COLOR / 151 min.(expectation) / two layer audio:1.Linear PCM (5.1ch) 2. Barrier-free Japanese voice guidance: Linear PCM (stereo)

Screen size: 16:9 [1080p Hi-Def] / Subtitles: Barrier-free Japanese





「Three Sisters of Tenma-so -Sky High-

〈Video Special Features〉

◆Trailer 15 seconds (tentative)

◆Trailer 30 seconds (tentative)

◆Trailer 60 seconds (tentative)

◆Final Trailer (tentative)

◆International Trailer (tentative)


Part Number: DSZD08281 / Price: 4,180 (tax included) / COLOR / 151 minutes (tentative)Single-sided dual-layer audio: 1. Main voice: Dolby 5.1ch 2. Barrier-free Japanese audio guide: Stereo

Screen size: 16:9 LB / Subtitle: Barrier-free Japanese