【NON-YAROGA】Run! Run! The departure ceremony of the "Sanriku Genki GoGo Go"! Also TV-Iwate collaboration!



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This time, we go behind the scenes of the "Run! Sanriku Genki GoGo" departure ceremony held in Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture on Saturday, April 8.
This time, we will report on the moment when the fans meet the wrapped car, which was made possible through crowd funding, as well as the surprise performance of the departure ceremony.

The director of the program will also be closely interviewed on "5 Kigen TV," which will air today, Wednesday, April 19, from 4:50 p.m.

NON-YAROGA! will be updated from 18:30 today.

Please watch it!


■Broadcast Information


📺4/19 (Wed.) 16:50 - "5 Kigen TV
(local broadcast in Iwate Prefecture, no missed broadcasts)



Wednesday, 4/19, 18:30 - 【"NON-YAROGA! Channel.】