Collaboration music video of "Kono Hibiyo Uta ni Nare" and the movie "Lion Boy" is released!


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Ahead of the May 26 screening of "Lion Boy," for which NON sings the Japanese dubbed theme song, a collaborative music video of NON's "Kono Hibiyo Uta Ni Nare" and the full-length movie "Lion Boy" has been released!

The special music video is a mix of the film and "Kono Hibiyo Uta Ni Nire" sung by Nonn, who sings the theme song for the Japanese dubbed version of the film.
The music video of "Kono Hibi yo Uta ni Nare" overlaps with the main character Chun's fateful encounter with the lion dance, his training with the lion dance master and his friends, and his days of growth, creating a video that stands out for its beauty.
And as if linked to the scene where NONO runs through the rain and sings powerfully, the music video shows Chun and his friends on their way to the lion dance battle, where trials come every day, creating even more anticipation and making one's heart pound with excitement.
Nono says, "It's exactly 'Kono hiyo yo uta ni nareru' (Let these days become a song)! As she says, "I am so excited about this chance encounter." Please enjoy the video that matches the hot lyrics by Mr. Shibata of "Ogenran nayo Shibata," Non's powerful voice, and the boys who are earnestly pursuing their dreams!

The Lion Boy movie
An unprecedented blockbuster hit in China and ranked first in the film satisfaction rankings for films released in 2009, this film was screened in Japan in 2010 for a limited run and received rave reviews for its overwhelming power. The film depicts the growth of a poor boy with a dream through a passionate lion dance battle, and is now being released nationwide in a Japanese dubbed version! Natsuki Hanae plays Chun, the heroine of the same name who awakened Chun to lion dance, and Hiyori Sakurada, whose high acting ability has been the talk of the town, plays Chun, the heroine of the same name who awakened Chun to lion dance. Yamaguchi Kappei and Ochiai Fukutsugu play Mao and Wang Gong, friends who aim for the competition together. The film features a cast of splendid voice actors, including Koichi Yamadera as the master, Chian, and Yuko Kaita as his wife, Ajen. Experience the superb quality of the film, which overturns the conventional wisdom of CG animation from China and around the world, and its soul-stirring climax!
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