Digest of "ARABAKI ROCK FEST.23" will be shown on Fuji TV NEXT from today, 6/25!


Digest of "ARABAKI ROCK FEST.23" will be shown on Fuji TV NEXT from 16:00 today, June 25!
The digest of Non's live performance will also be shown, so please be sure to watch it!

Please check the program homepage for the broadcast order and other details.


<Program Overview>

The outdoor music festival, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year since its inauguration in 2001, has become a springtime tradition in Tohoku. 2023 will see the return of six stages symbolizing the six prefectures of Tohoku: MICHINOKU, ARAHABAKI, HATAHATA, TSUGARU, HANAGASA, and BAN-ETSU, for the first time in four years since 2019! >HANAGASA", "BAN-ETSU" will be back after 4 years since 2019! The festival will feature two days of passionate live performances by gorgeous artists, with documentary footage to capture the atmosphere of the event in its entirety.

The "SHISHAMO 10th Anniversary Special" on the 29th will feature guests NARGO, Masahiko Kitahara, GAMO, Atsushi Yanaka ( On the 29th, "SHISHAMO 10th Anniversary Special" will feature NARGO, Masahiko Kitahara, GAMO, Atsushi Yanaka (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Horn Section), Atsuyuki Ohki (Peas), Sawao Yamanaka (the pillows), and Yu (Chirinuluowaka/ex GO!GO!7188)! In addition, "Kohei Dojima x SLENDERIE RECORD presents Also Returned! Spring Hit Studio", Kohei Dojima, Takashi Fujii, Oninato Tsubaki, and Otoha will appear on vocals to liven up the event! And on the 30th, "MICHINOKU PEACE SESSION "Tamio Okuda: Arabaki★Rider"" will feature Fuji Fabric, Daichi Ito, Koji Yoshikawa, Shigeru Kishida (Kururi), Masafumi Goto (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION), Keiichi Sogabe, Non, BiSH and TOSHI-LOW ( (BRAHMAN/OAU) will perform in a special session only available here!

The atmosphere and heat of "Arabaki," the big spring festival held over two days on April 29 and 30 in the fresh green Tohoku region, will be vacuum-packed and presented to you for an impressive eight hours. Don't miss the TV version of "ARABAKI ROCK FEST.23" on Fuji TV NEXT!