Interviews with Non's "NHK Jinbutsuroku" and "NHK Journal" will be posted on the web.



An interview with Nozomi was featured in the "NHK People✕ Objects✕ Recordings" section of the "NHK Archives" website, where visitors can view digests of approximately 30,000 videos from NHK's archives. In the interview, she answers questions about episodes of "Asadora" and her memories of the programs in which she has appeared.

■NHK People✕ Objects✕ Recordings

In addition, an interview that did not make it into the radio program "NHK Journal," a radio talk I recently appeared on, will be published as a web article. This article will appear in the "Cycal Journal.
Please take a look.

■NHK Journal Interview article *in SICAL JOURNAL