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NON official fan club Non Knock

Hello everyone, my name is Non.
The name "Non Knock" means "please feel free to knock without knocking.

The reason why Non is so free and curious now
She is able to challenge various things because of everyone who
is because of everyone who enjoys it.

Let's enjoy life together.
What do you think?

I'll be waiting for you on the other side of the door,
So, everyone, let's start today! Yes, yes, yes.



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Part 1
A place for experimentation as actor/artist Non

Non Knock" is the atelier of actor/artist "Non".
It is a place to create freely without being bound by anything.
Art, music, making things, and so on,
The number of ideas Non has is as large as the number of works he/she can create.
We are looking forward to working with you and your friends and family!
A work of art created together may be born!


▲The work was completed with many ribbons tied by the "Ribbon Supporters" who were recruited in Non Knock (top photo: "Hanami, 3 Children" YOKOHAMA ART STATION project 2020, bottom photo: the movie "Ribbon").


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Part 2
Enjoy musician Non's musical activities more!
musician Non's activities!

NON's music activities will be more powerful from now on!
will continue to grow in power!
LIVE ticket pre-order and,
Discounted tickets for the online live "NON-OUCHI de WATCH LIVE" and many other exclusive events!




▲PURSUE TOUR -The Strongest! -at Umeda Club Quattro


Part 3
Booker's Original Goods Project
Available exclusively from non-knockers of
DVDs and books with special offers,
original goods are now being developed.
The "scratch-off raffle" is also popular as a regular event every year.

▲Sakananoko" Blu-ray and DVD "Non Knock members-only special bromide" movie



▲The Non Knock benefit for "Lula Books Non" included limited-edition bromides and an online talk show.


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Part 4
The "live" distribution project for the "M" series!
The live delivery project is held irregularly only for the non-knockers! Let's have a relaxing and enjoyable time with your friends.
The annual year-end live streaming will last up to 3 hours.



Part 5.
The community function of the "non-knockers".
Non Knock offers a group chat service where you can communicate with other non-knockers
and LIVE streaming!
Have fun with everyone!

In addition! If you set your birthday, on your birthday
You will receive a congratulatory message and an off-shot from NON on your birthday!



Participation Fee


You can join "Non Knock" for 300 yen (tax included)/month and enjoy all services.
You can choose from two payment plans: "3-month subscription" or "12-month subscription".


■How to participate

1. access the "Non Knock" membership page.

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2. Tap the "Join" button on the page you accessed.


3. Register a Fanicon account.
(You can choose whether to link your Twitter ID to your Fanicon account or create a Fanicon ID and use it as your login ID.
Be sure to write down your FaniconID and password).



4. Select a subscription plan and make your purchase.
Your membership to the fan community is complete!


5. after installing the fanicon application,
After installing the fanicon application, login with your registered fanicon account.