NON is revising its title effective today.



Actress and Creative Artist" NON will revise her title to "Actor/Artist" NON, effective July 13, her birthday today, as announced in the morning edition of the Mainichi Newspaper's national edition.


When Nonno became Nonno and became alone, the first thing she cherished was "Do what you love! was the first thing she did.

To do what you love, lower the hurdle to your goal, make it a hurdle you can skip over.

Then, I would keep my antennae up, and when something piqued my interest, I would jump into it first. If you jump in and hit a wall, think about it then.

There's nothing you can't do if you're not good at it! That's what I ran with.

As I did so, my friends grew, we became a team, and what I love and what I want to do expanded and grew bigger and bigger, until we were ready to go out from Japan to the world.

At the age of 30, NON made a new decision after being exposed to the way of life of the artists, actors, and film directors who had supported and loved her.


The full text of Non's message in the newspaper

I wanted to lower the bar a little and be free to do as I pleased, so I used the hiragana "Creative Achisto" to play dumb.

Then I became "Non," and after making various things with various people and in various places, I realized that I was someone who wanted to make things no matter what.

My baseless confidence turned into a solid confidence.

That's why I'm changing my title.







NON FESTA Overview
Celebrating her 30th birthday week, NON is holding a festival to thank her fans who have supported her through her "love" so far. The festival will be held on July 9 (Sun.) at the ZON FESTA.
Starting with a one-man live performance at Zepp Haneda on July 9 (Sun.) + distribution, daily NON contents will intersect the real and digital worlds to make the birthday week a festival.

NON FESTA Schedule (after 7/13)
◼7/13(THU)Real & Digital
Launch of Lula BOOKS "Non" + Photo exhibition
21:00- NON KNOCK: Non's birthday live streaming

LINE Stamp "Cute Bunny. Bearded Association" on sale & new project announced

◼7/15(SAT) Real
J-WAVE presents INSPIRE TOKYO 2023

◼7/16(SUN)On Air
21:00- "Ribbon" movie TV premiere (Nihon Eiga Senko Chan)

◼7/17(MON) Real
18:00- PURSUE TOUR - The Strongest! - @ Umeda Club Quattro

For more information about the live concert, click here.