A new commercial for "Iwate Junjomai" featuring Non has been announced.


A new commercial featuring Nono and Chise Niitsu was unveiled today (September 27) at the 2023 "Iwate Junjo Mai" new commercial launch event as the "Iwate wo Mochimori Tasting Web Arc," starring Nono and Chise Niitsu!

The commercial features the comedy duo "Okomedians," Nono and Chise Niitsu, who have been together for three years.
The commercial features "Ginga no SHIZUKU," which has a light and pleasant taste, and "Iwate Hitomebore," which has been loved for a long time and has the largest production in Iwate Prefecture, as they eat onigiri (rice balls) and breakfast.

Starting with the phrase "Try Iwate Hitomebore! and familiar music will be played as the ocomedians enjoy the delicious pure rice along with many other side dishes.
Please watch it.

Also at the CM presentation, the audience was joined by Iwate Prefecture Governor Tadamasu and Iwate Prefecture Headquarters Steering Committee Chairman Ito of the National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations, who shared stories about the filming of the commercial and tasted some Iwate Junjo Rice.
At the end of the event, all the speakers wrote their wishes on an ema (votive picture tablet) for "Iwate Junjo Rice" to reach as many people as possible, and then went to Kanda Myojin to offer prayers.


■Ginga no SHIZUKU Breakfast with a Lump of Rice 15 sec.


■Iwate Hitomebore Onigiri (rice ball) 15sec.


■Iwate Junjo Mai official website