"Non, the artist, will hold a new exhibition titled 'Non Ribbon Exhibition - Mysterious and Cute Things -' at Sendai PARCO from October 13th to 29th! Collaboration with traditional crafts of Tohoku is also planned."




From October 13 (Fri.) to October 29 (Sun.), Non's solo exhibition "Non Ribbon Exhibition: Weird and Cute Things" will be held at Space 6 on the 6th floor of Sendai PARCO's main building. The exhibition will be held to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the opening of Sendai PARCO!

[From 2020]
Artwork for the movie "Ribbon

[From 2021]
YOKOHAMA ART STATION project 2020" in Yokohama
Okinawa "Yanbaru Art Festival 2021-2022

Shibuya PARCO "Non Ribbon Exhibition: Creepy and Cute Things" (2022)

"ikuno art stay" Ikuno
Ikuno "ikuno art stay 2023 non ribbon art
Art book "Lula BOOKS Non

NON has been presenting "Ribbon Art" one after another for several years.

Now, she will present new works at Sendai PARCO in collaboration with traditional Tohoku crafts.

This will be her third solo exhibition at PARCO, following her first solo exhibition at PARCO in 2018, "'Non' Hitori Exhibition -Girls Peel Their Fangs-," and the exhibition to commemorate the release of her film "Ribbon" in 2022, "Non Ribbon Exhibition: Creepy and Cute Things. This will be the third solo exhibition at PARCO, following "Non Ribbon: Eerie and Cute.

This exhibition is the second collaboration project of "Sendai PARCO 15th Anniversary x Non", following the "Ribbon Art" Tanabata decorations designed and supervised by Non herself and displayed in Sendai PARCO building for the "Sendai Tanabata Festival" in August.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a new collaboration of traditional Tohoku crafts, "Kokeshi Lanterns" and "Akabeko", and Non's ribbon art.
The "Kokeshi Lanterns" are oversized, measuring approximately 180 cm in height and 45 cm in diameter. NON designs the lanterns, traditional craftsmen paint them, and NON puts ribbons on them.

↑Crafts scheduled to collaborate with Non RibbonArt

Other exhibits include an installation using a large quantity of ribbons that appeared in the movie "Ribbon," a torso piece, and a work newly arranged for this solo exhibition from the "prototype: bright red child's room" presented at "ikuno art stay" in January 2023.

A mysterious space woven with "weird and cute things" wearing ribbon art.

We hope you will experience Non's never-ending creativity and sparkle.


■Non Ribbon Art" presented so far

・Art Book「Lula BOOKS Non」(2023年)


・Ikuno「ikuno art stay 2023 non ribbon art」(2023年)


・Shibuya PARCO "NON Ribbon Exhibition: Creepy, Cute Things." (2022)


・Okinawa "Yanbaru Art Festival 2021-2022" (2021)


・Yokohama「YOKOHAMA ART STATION project 2020」(2021年)


・Graduation work", a work that appears in the film "Ribbon" (2020 *Year of art work production)


And in 2023, "Non Ribbon Exhibition: Weird and Cute Things."


In addition, we will unveil for the first time the main visual produced for this exhibition in cooperation with Lemon Life, which also serves as a commemorative visual for the 15th anniversary of Sendai PARCO.
The visual is a collage of "Non" herself, her past works, and "Tohoku," the keyword of this exhibition.

<Poster Creative Staff>

Art Direction: Tetsuya Chihara (Lemon Life)
Photographer: Masato Moriyama
Hair & Make-up: Fumie Kanno
Stylist: Izumi Machino (Assistant: Mahiro Shibasaki)
Movie: Keita Okuda


【Exhibition Outline

■Exhibition Title: Non Ribbon Exhibition: Weird and Cute Things.

■Dates: October 13 (Fri) - October 29 (Sun)

Place: Space 6, 6F, Sendai PARCO Main Bldg.

■Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:30 *Close at 18:00 on the last day, last admission 30 minutes before closing

■Admission: 700 yen (tax included)

■Organizer: Sendai PARCO

Planning and production: PARCO, TEAM NON, KARUTA

Cooperation: "Ribbon" Film Partners, Tokyo Ribbon, speedy

Crafts cooperation: Kaneiri Corporation/Yuichi Mori/Nozawa Folk Crafts Production Enterprise Association