The music video for the theme song "Boku Dake no Mono" from the movie "Ribbon," directed and starring Non, will be included in the bonus DVD of the new album "Love & Peace! Masterpiece!" by Sambomaster.



The song "Boku Dake no Mono," the theme song of the movie "Ribbon" written, directed, and starring Non, will be featured on the bonus DVD of Sambomaster's new album "Love & Peace! Masterpiece!", set to be released on November 15th. In the music video, Sambomaster, adorned in costumes inspired by the world of the film, passionately performs amidst a plethora of intertwined ribbons in an empty live house. Directed and featuring Non, the music video follows a story format. For more details, please refer to the information below.

Sambomaster's new album 'Love & Peace! Masterpiece!' comes with bonus DVD content. Check out the exciting details!
The details are provided in the video description below.


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