On October 14th (Saturday) at 10:25 AM, Non will be appearing on Sendai Broadcasting's 'Arara Kashiko' show.



Non will be appearing on the 700th episode celebration of Sendai Broadcasting's show 'Arara Kashiko.'

'Arara Kashiko' refers to the closing words in a letter, used by women. The weekend edition is a relaxed program where viewers can unwind in front of the TV without any worries...

In this context, an interview conducted at the venue of the ongoing exhibition 'Non Ribbon Exhibition: Mysterious and Adorable Things' at Sendai PARCO will be broadcasted. During the interview, I had the pleasure of discussing the intricacies of the new Ribbon Art pieces and sharing thoughts on things to try in Miyagi Sendai with the host, Nana Iida.

Be sure to tune in!

Show Title : Arara Kashiko

Broadcast Date: October 14, 2023 (Saturday)

Broadcast Time: 10:25 AM –

Official Website:

Broadcast Area: Miyagi Prefecture