Starting today! 'Non Ribbon Exhibition: Mysterious and Adorable Things.' A collaboration of traditional craftsmanship from Tohoku and Ribbon Art.


Starting today, October 13th, until the 29th, the exhibition 'Non Ribbon Exhibition: Mysterious and Adorable Things' by Non will be held at the 6th floor, Space 6 of Sendai PARCO Main Building, as a part of Sendai PARCO's 15th-anniversary celebration!

This exhibition features new Ribbon Art pieces, a collaboration between Tohoku traditional crafts 'Kokeshi Lantern' and 'Akabeko,' and interactive Ribbon Art experiences. Explore the venue, capture beautiful photos, and create lasting memories.

Non herself has arrived in Sendai for three days, meticulously tying ribbons and adorning artworks until the last moment, resulting in a grand display. The exhibition showcases approximately 14,000 'Ribbon Butterfly Knots' specially prepared for this event. Immerse yourself in the vast world of Ribbon Art, featuring mysterious and adorable creations.

To commemorate the 'Non Ribbon Exhibition: Mysterious and Adorable Things,' visitors who purchase merchandise from the on-site shop will receive a complimentary postcard, available on a first-come, first-served basis (while supplies last).

【展覧会 開催概要】

Exhibition Title : Non Ribbon Exhibition: Mysterious and Adorable Things

Duration: October 13th (Friday) – October 29th (Sunday)

Location: Sendai PARCO Main Building, 6th Floor, Space 6

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM Please note: On the final day, the exhibition will close at 6:00 PM. The last entry is allowed until 30 minutes before closing.

Admission Fee: 700 yen (including tax)

Organizer: Sendai PARCO

Planning and Production: PARCO, Team Non, Karta

Collaborators: "Ribbon" Film Partners, Tokyo Ribbon, Speedy

Craftsmanship Support: K.K. Kaneyu, Yuichi Mori, Nozawa Folk Crafts Production Cooperative Association


Non unveils new Ribbon Art solo exhibition: 'Non Ribbon Exhibition - Mysterious and Adorable Things -' A collaboration with Tohoku traditional crafts! Previewing 'Akabeko' piece and 'Kokeshi Lantern' design artwork
Non's new Ribbon Art solo exhibition, 'Non Ribbon Exhibition - Mysterious and Adorable Things -,' will be held at Sendai PARCO from October 13th to 29th! Featuring a collaboration with Tohoku traditional crafts.