Non attended the 41st Daily Fashion Awards ceremony and received the 'Topic Award' (Full speech posted)



Non participated in the 41st Daily Fashion Awards ceremony and received the "Topic Award."

The "Topic Award" is given to individuals who are recognized for their widespread contributions to fashion culture throughout the year, while also making a significant social impact. This recognition was awarded based on Non's activities, including her runway show at the Shibuya Fashion Week in October 2022 and the launch of her upcycling brand "OUI OU" in December of the same year.

■Here is the full English translation of Non's acceptance speech:

"I work as an actor and artist, but my journey began as a model. I started my career by auditioning for a teen magazine modeling gig, and that's how I became a model. I initially jumped into this world because I wanted to wear a lot of different clothes, so receiving an award in the realm of fashion makes me incredibly happy.

I am truly delighted to receive recognition for the brand I have created, OUI OU. I am devoted to it with all my heart, and this honor inspires me to continue working hard in the future.

Whenever I want to express strong determination or face challenges with incredible energy, I rely on the power of fashion. It has helped me persevere. Moving forward, I will continue to dedicate myself to embodying the joy of fashion, so I can share that happiness with others. Thank you very much."

■The 41st Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix official website