Exciting News! The Special Talk Video 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' featuring Non and Yasuyuki Horigome has been Released!


This summer saw the release and digital debut of Non's 2nd Full Album 'PURSUE,' which has been garnering tremendous attention. One of the tracks on 'PURSUE,' the catchy garage rock tune 'Oh! Oh! Oh!,' not only had musical contribution and production by Yasuyuki Horigome but also featured him on vocals and guitar.

But that's not all! For the production of the 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' music video, Yasuyuki Horigome made a special appearance! Before the MV premiere, we bring you an exclusive behind-the-scenes conversation between Non and Yasuyuki Horigome, discussing the song and the filming process after the conclusion of the 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' music video shoot on a certain day.

Non - 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' ​1​ featuring Yasuyuki Horigome is Now Live!

The music video for the same song was directed by Atsunori Higashi, capturing the vibrant synergy between Non and Yasuyuki Horigome under the bright, expansive blue sky. Their playful and charismatic presence shines through in the video, creating a memorable visual experience that seamlessly blends pop, rock, cuteness, and coolness.

The music video is set to premiere tomorrow, October 23rd (Monday), at 8:00 PM on Non's OFFICIAL YouTube channel! Get ready for a thrilling watch!