The moment has arrived! Yasuyuki Horigome's provided track 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' music video premieres today at 8:00 PM on YouTube! Don't miss it!



This summer, Non's 2nd Full Album 'PURSUE' was released and made available for streaming, generating significant buzz. One of the standout tracks from 'PURSUE,' the pop-infused garage rock anthem 'Oh! Oh! Oh!,' not only received musical contribution and production from Yasuyuki Horigome but also featured him on vocals and guitar. In an exciting turn of events, Horigome also appeared in the music video for the song!

Directed by Atsunori Higashi, the music video captures the vibrant synergy between Non and Yasuyuki Horigome under the bright, expansive blue sky. Their playful and charismatic presence shines through, creating a memorable visual experience that seamlessly blends pop, rock, cuteness, and coolness. Additionally, don't miss the impressive dance moves that Non showcases in this video!

The music video is scheduled for an exclusive premiere today, October 23rd (Monday), at 8:00 PM on Non's OFFICIAL YouTube channel! Before diving into the MV, be sure to check out the already released 'Non x Yasuyuki Horigome Special Talk Video' from yesterday! Enjoy the prelude to the visual extravaganza!


NON's comment

Yasuyuki Horigome sent me the demo for 'Oh! Oh! Oh!' one day with a message saying, 'This seems like it would suit you, if you're interested.' When I heard the demo, it was incredibly cool, and I absolutely wanted to sing it! So, I asked him if he could produce the track, and he graciously accepted. Thanks to him, we were able to re-record the song. It felt like deja vu from when we covered 'Aliens' together. He added his guitar and vocals, and this time, he even appeared in the music video.

His presence was so cool that when I sang next to him, I felt incredibly powerful and had so much fun, I was ecstatic. I'm moved because this experience has become another precious memory for me!

In this music video, he also choreographed a dance for me, and I'm enjoying dancing to it. Please learn the choreography, and let's dance together at the live shows. I'll be waiting for you on stage!


Music Video Information for "Oh!
Release date: October 23, 2023 (Mon.) 20:00
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NON & Yasuyuki Horigome Special Talk Video