Non has released the making-of video for her music video "Oh! Oh! Oh!" for all entertainment enthusiasts out there!



The pop-infused garage rock track "Oh! Oh! Oh!" from Non's 2nd Full Album "PURSUE" is now accompanied by a music video released just yesterday. Following a special talk session with Non and the renowned director Yasuyuki Horikoshi, we have condensed the atmosphere of the shooting day into an exclusive making-of video.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of "Oh! Oh! Oh!" by watching the main music video, the after-talk, and now, this behind-the-scenes feature. Delve into the experience and savor the essence of the song at your own pace. Plus, in the making-of video, Non explains the dance moves, so why not try practicing along with her? Enjoy!

「Oh! Oh! Oh!」Making

「Oh! Oh! Oh!」music video
Renowned composer and producer Yasuyuki Horikoshi not only provided the music and produced the track but also lent his voice as a chorus singer and played the guitar. What's more, he made a special appearance in the music video for this song! The music video, directed by Atsushi Higashiichi, unfolds under a bright, piercing blue sky, capturing the explosive charm of Non and Yasuyuki Horikoshi. The video is noteworthy for its blend of pop and rock, showcasing Non's cute and cool sides as she frolics with infectious enthusiasm. Additionally, you can't miss Non's impressive attempt at the "Oh! Oh! Oh! Dance," a dance move that leaves a lasting impression!


The Special Talk Video of Non and Yasuyuki Horikoshi

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Finally, today at 8:00 PM (Japan Standard Time) on October 23rd, Yasuyuki Horikoshi's provided song "Oh! Oh! Oh!" music video will premiere on YouTube!
The special talk video of Non and Yasuyuki Horikoshi for "Oh! Oh! Oh!" has been released!